The Move.....

So.......Covid. Yeah, I'm sick of hearing about it too. But you try to look on the bright side or it'll just tear you apart eventually. I mean, 2020 was getting off to the best year I had ever had by a massive margin and just before covid hit my website was hacked and filled with […]

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Looking for a new job? Let's Get Your Ducks in a Row.

Your headshot, your resume, and your digital footprint. I put all three of these components on the same level of importance. They all need to support the same overall image you wish to present. If one is off, the other two can't really make up for it. Here's my breakdown on each part of that trifecta and what you can do to help tilt the odds in your favour.

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"Headshots? No Way...."

A couple of days ago I started working on a project. My thoughts were, headshots are just one part of your working career. There are two other parts that are just as important. The first one is a really good resume. That's a given. The second part is sort of new. It's the digital footprint […]

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Headshots and the subconscious - It's all just in your head

Why is it you still breathe when you're sleeping? I know, an odd question to ask. Well when I was younger, these kinds of questions popped up now and then. I've always been interested in why we do the things we do. Better yet, why do we do things without even thinking about it all the time.

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Does Your Headshot Have It?

I've had a lot of time thinking about what makes a headshot work and the experience to solidify all the little pieces that go into building what I like to call, a successful headshot. But first, let's talk about what the big deal is about headshots.

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Jimmy Fallon Shows Us His First Acting Headshot

I'm sure you've seen at least one or two of his shows at some point in late night TV, that's if you're not already an avid watcher. But Jimmy Fallon has shared a little throwback to his early days and posted hi first ever acting headshot for us all to have a little giggle with.

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To All The Internal Naysayers

My business as a headshot photographer has me work with a lot of people and after a while trends are very apparent. One very popular trend upon meeting people for the first time is that they apologize, they apologize for not being very photogenic or that they just don't look good in pictures so it's ok that these headshots won't turn out good. They don't just say that out of jest, they actually mean it and believe it!

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Don't leave home without (A Valid) one!

If you're an avid traveler, there is a little bugger waiting to rear its ugly little head. I noticed it a little while back getting ready for a trip abroad. Passports have an expiry date.

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A Professional Headshot - Why It's The most important part of your LinkedIn profile

First, let me ask you about your LinkedIn profile. How’s it doing? Is it completed with all your history and accomplishments listed? Are you getting head-hunted out of the blue at least once a month? Does LinkedIn say your profile strength is at an All-star level?

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The science behind LinkedIn Headshot

Image is everything. You make decisions every day based on what you see. From which shirt to wear for the meeting that morning to which sandwich you pick from the cafe at lunch. You decide things based initially on how they look. It happens incredibly fast and psychologists call it Thin Slicing.

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