Fraud Blocker

Don't leave home without (A Valid) one!

There's something lurking around the corner, it's close. Closer than you would like it to be. It has the power to cause panic the likes of which you have never felt before. And it can make you do almost anything to get away from it when it does come calling.

In all seriousness, if you're an avid traveller, there is a little bugger waiting to rear its ugly head. I noticed it a little while back getting ready for a trip abroad. Passports have an expiry date. I know what you're thinking, "no shit Sherlock" but hear me out on this one. Most countries require a passport that still has 3 months before it's posted expiry date. So while your passport is still valid in your country, it may not be in the country you are heading to. It could also mean your trip is over before it's even begun if you didn't catch it in time.

I've lived through the mad scramble to get a passport replaced in time for a flight. The rushing around getting passport pictures taken and extra fees charged to rush the process through the requisite red tape, bottom line, it's a nuisance.

So the last time I went through this I had an idea. I use Gmail for all my email and calendar scheduling -as I am sure millions of others do too. I simply popped open Google Calendar and set an appointment 3 months before my passport expires. On that day I'll get a notification of it expiring and I can take action well in advance of impending doom.