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The Move.....

So.......Covid. Yeah, I'm sick of hearing about it too. But you try to look on the bright side or it'll just tear you apart eventually. I mean, 2020 was getting off to the best year I had ever had by a massive margin and just before covid hit my website was hacked and filled with spam pages. That got my Google Ads marketing shut down. Shortly after that covid finished me off for the rest of the year. Don't get me started on what constitutes a lockdown because for my business covid means lockdown period. I take pictures of people. That means they can't wear a mask. It also means we are within 6 feet of each other. There's no abiding by social distancing measures in my line of work. So that means I've been locked down since the beginning of all this. OK, slight rant over

Getting back to looking on the bright side of things. What this shutdown did afford me is the opportunity to expand a little. Give me a bit more room to work with. I loved my little space don't get me wrong. But I felt that if I had just a little more room I could do a bit more. Offer a bit more to clients.

An early version of the old studio. Some things changed since then but the amount of space didn't

I talked to the landlord and since my lease was coming up due in February I took the leap on a slightly larger space up on the second floor. A slight trade-off is that the first floor was easy to get to and find in the maze of the building. But the second floor is quieter, warmer and has higher ceiling's. One loss, three wins. Made sense to me.

I got started working on a design for the space. 3D is something that I used to do a lot of years back so I cracked open Blender and got to work blocking everything out. I've seen so many studios in my time either rented or visited and I always wanted a cyc. That's a cyclorama or infinity wall. So a casual chat with the brother and he was all for building one out.

The vision of the new studio. No I didn't buy white mannequins! It's a 3D model.

Having this extra room has also allowed me to add a dedicated change room. In the old space, the studio WAS the change room. My makeup artist and I would simply leave the room and closed the doors over. Now, I have a private change room in the studio which lets my clients have their own private space and no one needs to leave the room.

Change room in the studio now! No, the creepy mannequin won't be there.