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To All The Internal Naysayers

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re more beautiful than you think (6mins)

My business as a headshot photographer has me work with a lot of people and after a while trends are very apparent. One very popular trend upon meeting people for the first time is that they apologize, they apologize for not being very photogenic or that they just don't look good in pictures so it's ok that these headshots won't turn out good. They don't just say that out of jest, they actually mean it and believe it!

I have never had a client come in and not have a great turnout. Ever. Why is that, because we all are great in our own way and it's about time that we all stop stomping on ourselves and others. I came across this video a while back and was recently reacquainted with it by a friend. It's touching, eye opening and makes you stop and think.

We are our own worst judges, we torment ourselves more than legitimate enemies do. We talk to ourselves in such a negative way every day over and over again. Well, it's time you stopped doing that. Imagine how amazing you would be if all that negative self-talk was replaced with positive self-talk. What would happen to your confidence, your abilities, and your happiness?

Give this video a watch and understand that the people you meet don't see the physical flaws that your laser guided eye site has latched onto when you look in the mirror. They see you, beautiful you.