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Professional Branding Photography

High quality photography can make all the difference to the success of your business.

What is Branding Photography?

Branding photography is the visual connection to your brand. It's the trigger. When customers see your visual imagery, it triggers that gut feeling about your business. Kind of like the scent of fresh cookies makes you think of grandma.

In the sales world the base gut feeling everyone should be striving for is trust. You want customers to feel confident that they trust your expertise in your field. That expertise needs to be shown in your branding photography.

Who Needs Branding Photography?

A headshot is great at introducing a person for the first time. But what headshots lack is context. Context tells more of the story about a person, or a business. It gives more detail about who that person is or what that business is about.

That's where branding photography comes in. It provides the narrative that all good stories need. It connects the 'what' with the 'who' and the 'where'.  So in short, who needs branding photography? Everyone that wants to run a successful business.
Find some interesting story about branding or branding photography and imagery.

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Branding Photography Sessions
for ALL businesses
Pre-Shoot prep meeting
3 Hours of shooting time
100+ final shots (approx)

Unlimited wardrobe changes
Unlimited number of people
Hair & Makeup Services
In our studio, Outdoors, in your space or
3rd party studios*
* In our studio is the Toronto Headshot Studio. 3rd party rental studios can be used. 3rd party rental fee is not included in the session rate. 3rd party rental agreements are between the client and 3rd party and must be in place prior to the scheduled session. Some outdoor locations require shoot permits which can require a fee or a fine if proper permits are not obtained. Clients are responsible for acquiring the required permits prior to the session date. Neither the permit fee or incurred fine is included in the offered rates. Hair & Makeup services are optional and those fees are not included in the session rates. All fees for Hair & Makeup services are paid directly to the Makeup Artist following your session.
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