Fierce Photoshoot

This all started as a small side project to help out a friend. There were 8 winners of a small local contest that all joined in on the fun. That’s all I thought it was going to be, a little fun. What I wasn’t expecting is how much of an impact it was going to make on the people involved. Comments like “It changed my life” and “it was a once in a lifetime experience” totally floored me.

So I got to thinking, I could bring this feeling to others as well. Which brings us to here, where we are right now.

Plans are underway to make this a monthly event where you will join other strong and powerful people to experience something you’ve never dreamed of. Spaces are limited to eight spots each month so get your submission in quick.

I won’t kid you, it’s a demanding day. You’re going to be cold and wet and tired. But if you stick with it and give it all you got, you’ll have something to go back and look at to remind yourself;

It was all worth it!