ATTENTION – ALL  – ACTORS!!! Here it is from the horse’s mouth. What do they really look for in a headshot when casting a role.

It goes to show that it is so important to think ahead of your shoot and decide what you want to show. Which character are you? Are you the bad guy? The good guy? The shy guy? The funny guy? Whoever you are targeting for the shoot deserves as much attention and rehearsal as if you were preparing for an audition. WHen you get to the studio for the shoot, talk with your photographer before you start so that they know what’s up.

I always talk to my actors that come in and work with them to find out who their character is. What you do with that character is what makes it unique to you and becomes your brand.

Sit back and grab some popcorn and a drink. This isn’t a short ride as there are a few opinions being shared here and they don’t always agree with each other. When you’re done, pick up the phone and call me right away, eh hem, I mean after you rehearsed your character that is.

My-HeadshotI am one of the best professional headshot photographers in Toronto. If what I’ve talked about here is making sense and you’ve looked at your current profile picture and realize that it could use an update from a pro, send me an email or give me a call. Let’s show them the best you.