Redefining What Is A Successful Headshot

Headshots are the new first impression. Every day the people you interact with in the course of your career, see a picture of you.

Whether that headshot is up on LinkedIn or when they call you on Skype. Whether it’s the first time or the tenth, seeing you in the right light paints a picture of your personality.

Today’s reality means

“It’s Not Just A Headshot”

So Why Is It Not Just A Headshot

We’re not like other photographers out there that simply get a nice shot. We’ve incorporated human nature and the science of human interaction and applied that knowledge to headshots. The result is a headshot that subconsciously evokes a specific feeling or emotion in the viewer. One that helps position you more favourably.

Their Speed vs Our Quality

When we first meet someone, psychological and behavioural barriers are automatically put up, which get in the way. You appear tense and on edge, and that feeling shows in the shots. We’ve proven many times over that this barrier doesn’t come down for at least 30 minutes. It’s only when these barriers come down that the real you starts to show. Those other photographers aren’t doing you a favour getting you in and out in 15 minutes, they are doing themselves a favour.

Don’t Get Caught By ‘Thin Slicing’

Thin slicing is a term that describes something we all do every day. Subconsciously, and within seconds, we’ve taken small pieces of information, simply from looking at someone, and made decisions on a number of key points. The most important one in our case “can I trust this person?”. Your headshot is the first introduction people have to you and you better believe there’s thin slicing going on when they see it.

It’s All About Confidence vs Approachability

I’m sure you’ve heard “a picture says a thousand words”. Well here’s a question, what words are your headshot saying? Are they the words you want it to say? Emotion is the key to a good headshot. We as humans connect via emotion. We’ve developed an approach that balances your emotional expression between two specific emotions, confidence and approachability. If you’re too confident, you’ll come across as stuffy or arrogant. If you’re too approachable, you appear unqualified or inexperienced. A balance between these two presents an articulate confident person that people are simply drawn to. Drawn to someone they can trust.

Retouching – You still need to look like you

Retouching is such a simple thing to get wrong and many other photographers do so by taking it too far. You need to be seen as you but also the best version of you. This is not a time to look plastic and magazine perfect. It can throw people off when you meet in person and look nothing like your headshot.

“…he really knows a lot about headshot psychology etc. and incorporating key elements into a shot. You made something I do not particularly enjoy doing very easy and fun!”


“The session was much more than I expected and the results are fantastic. Adrian knows his stuff”


“Adrian also did a great “Headshot 101”, something most photographers should add into their sessions because the photos show the extra five minutes is worth it!”


“Adrian was great! Took extra time to explain the little tips and tricks to give the picture its extra touch. Easy to work with and knows his stuff.”


“He was so easy to work with. My daughter had a blast, he made the experience for her an enjoyable one. Would highly recommend this business.”


“He was a total professional, and even walked through a bit of “schooling” with me before we got started… there were so many great photos to choose from that it was hard to narrow it down!”


“I have worked with many photographers in the past but he really takes the time to explain how to get the best shots”


“He makes you feel relaxed and gives you a great explanation on what makes a great headshot and how to show emotion.”


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