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The Best LinkedIn Headshots In Toronto

So you need a new LinkedIn headshot. But you want more than just your average portrait like everyone else. Your headshot is your personal brand, it’s your initial identity. You have to look your best. People are going to look at you and have a gut reaction. That gut reaction can persuade them to either hire you or not.

When it comes to LinkedIn Headshots, It’s just not something to take a chance on.

In today’s reality,
“It’s Not Just A Headshot"
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What My Clients Have To Say About Their LinkedIn Headshot

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Before I tell you about Adrian, let me tell you a little about myself. I have no experience in front of the camera, I don’t like all the features in my face, and I am my worst critic. However I needed new headshots as I wanted to put my best face forward during my job hunt for a more senior role. I found Adrian online, looked at his portfolio and made my decision. It was a leap of faith as I had no personal reference but looking at those sample pictures I could see something unique: they had a soul, it wasn’t the typical cookie cutter picture that everyone has in LinkedIn. I thought that that alone would help me differentiate myself. Adrian is amazing, he is approachable and down to earth so it was easy to feel comfortable right away. He shot a few pics and showed me the result, I knew right away that he was a master of his art, trusted him and forgot about my self doubt. I guess all that translated to the final result. It was hard to pick the “the one” headshot that I would use as there many good ones. In them you can see a mature man confident in his own skin. I’m glad Adrian was able to capture that.
I wanted a professional photographer for my headshot (and so should you). A hobbyist won’t necessarily know how to turn a vision – the statement you want to make – into a finished photograph. The communication of emotion and intention is what an artist does – and that’s why I was looking for someone like Adrian. The session is comfortable, the space is private and everything you would want or need has been thought of. Adrian takes the time to explain how he will capture what most photographers and subjects miss – the authentic you. This is so important because your headshot is your visual calling card – your first impression – and you need every advantage to stand out from the pack. You get what you pay for. Adrian has remarkable skill (and gear) to get you the headshot you always wanted. He has also has a library of really bad jokes to get you smiling (you’ve been warned). Really fantastic job! Go look at his website and you’ll see. Thank you sincerely Adrian! -Chris Williams, Owner and Podcaster, Badass Agile
Adrian is a total pro. From the moment I walked in, his goal was to make me feel comfortable and put me at ease. 

He knows what makes a great headshot and shares his wisdom in the moment so that he can capture the essence of who you are. Won’t hesitate to return and work with him again.
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