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How Much Do Professional Headshots Cost?

Imagine having a headshot that makes you look like that guy in that magazine. Imagine having a headshot that you'll actually like and have no problem with it being shown on a 30-foot screen as you accept that award in front of a thousand people. This is what we are talking about.

It's an investment, not an expense

Many look at headshots and say to themselves "it's just a picture of me" and that's true to a certain point, but a professional headshot is an investment that can pay dividends back. Impression is everything. Just like your company logo or the design of your website, a great headshot can help people decide to work with you. That means more business and an increase in your income.

What some other photographers don't tell you up front

Ever heard of usage licensing? Many photographers only license your pictures to you, and only for specific purposes. Want to submit your headshot to the magazine that's writing a story on you? That can cost you a lot more and if you don't get the license before the magazine is printed, you could be sued costing many times over the price you paid in the first place. Rest assured, at TorontoHeadshot, there are never any hidden fees, usage licenses or extra charges at the end of your session! You can use your keepers in any way you choose. Even publication with no extra cost.

We love our clients, especially when they come back!

We also love when our past customers come back to us for a refresh of their professional image. As such, we’re pleased to offer returning clients a 25% discount on current published, regular session rates!
Book Online In Less Than 5 Minutes!
✓ 1 Hour Session Time (Minimum)

✓ Two Retouched ‘Keepers’ Included!

✓ Headshot 101 crash course, tips you can use anytime a camera is pointed at you

✓ Unique psychological coaching approach

✓ Unlimited Wardrobe Changes

✓ Non-distracting white/black/grey background

✓✓ Lot’s of fun and laughs included free!
Your session includes two fully retouched shots but you don't have to stop there. Additional shots from the session that you choose to have professionally retouched are affordably priced.

I will warn you though, there will be so many good shots I make it pretty hard to choose just one!
Hair &
Makeup $100
Hair $50
Hair and makeup can make a huge difference to the end results.

SAVE $100 NOW!!!

Covid Pre-Paid Special

Things are kind of crazy right now if that's an understatement. It's not going to get better overnight either. There are a lot of people that have lost their jobs or the company they worked for went out of business.

I want to help as many people as I can and while I can't do anything to help out right now. When things open back up again I want to get busy helping people get back on their feet.

From now until businesses are re-opened I'm offering $100 off a pre-paid session. Now we won't have a date and time set aside fro you as yet. But securing your session now will save you some cash upfront.

Buy Your Prepaid Session Now!

Gift Cards That Keep On Giving!

Gift cards are a super simple way to say 'you care' and Toronto Headshot Gift Cards go even farther. 

Buy a gift card for a little as $50 and not only does your recipient get the gift card, you get $50 towards your own session!

Buy a gift card of any value and you the buyer will receive a $50 voucher to redeem on your visit for the best headshot you've ever had!†
† Maximum redeemable by the buyer is $50. Cannot be combined with other offers. Has no cash value.

Group Headshots Rates

If you have a number of employees, we've found a better way to photograph them!

Coming to your office introduces some problems.

Takes up

your space
Setting up the studio takes space that you may not have or can't afford to tie up for an entire day or more. It also introduces variables that can affect the final shots.
It Distracts

The Office
We've seen that setting up the studio in something like a conference room often causes a distraction for all staff regardless if they are getting their headshot taken or not.

Coming into the office is a one time event. If any employees are sick or away on a business related trip, they'll miss out forcing you to make other arrangements. Don't forget new hires. They'll need a headshot too.
It Stresses

We've seen it first hand. Employees waiting for their turn are not productive before their session. They are distracted about their makeup or their hair or whether they brought the right tie or shirt with them.

How We Do Group Headshots Differently

Our goal is to get the best headshots of all your employees. We also want to ensure continuity among all of the headshots. We achieve this goal by scheduling each of your employees their own dedicated appointment in our studio. Each employee gets their own time outside of company hours with no other employees 'in on the session'.

This simple approach solves all of the issues mentioned above. We don't take up your space. We don't distract the office. We get shots of the missing employees because they can't get missed. And we reduce over all employee stress as there are no witnesses to their headshot session. We can also ensure continuity with future employees that need their headshot taken because, even months down the road, because all the employees were shot in the same controlled conditions.

This approach removes all of the problems of coming on site to your office and provides the best result and experience for all your valued employees. But it also solves another task from your list. Managing the scheduling and making sure they get their headshot done. We take care of that too.
Setup Base
The base cost of the group session for the day. Add this to your estimate for each day that is needed to cover the number of employees that you have.

This covers one day of shooting. The average number of employees that can be shot each day is 10-12. 13-22 employees would require a second day of shooting. 23-32+ would require 3 days.
Per Employee
Individual short session for each employee (10-20 minutes)
White/Grey/Black background
Includes one shot for each employee (retouching included)
Extra shots are $35 each and include retouching
Black and White output option $5 per shot
Background cutout option $15 per shot
* Our group rates start at 6 people and can scale to cover everyone in your party. 
Have Any Questions?
Send me a message here and do leave your phone number too. Or give me a quick call. I’d love to have a short phone call to talk to you about what your goals are. Before we talk about price, let’s both understand what it is you need.

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