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We Don’t Just Take A Great Headshot.

Getting the right expression on your headshot is one thing, it’s an important thing, but that’s not where it ends. Retouching takes your headshot to the next level. Consider it the finishing touch.

The #1 Rule With Retouching

When retouching headshots, the last thing you want to see is Hollywood special effects. Yet a lot of photographers do this by going too far and doing too much. The best retouching is retouching you don’t notice. This kind of retouching comes from skill and knowing the tools. Many other headshot photographers either don’t do any or use software to automatically do it for them. That’s a big mistake. The results are plastic and fake looking. That fake’ness’ translates on to you, the person. Needless to say, it’s not a good look.

How We’re Different

Our retouching is realistic. We know the limits and don’t cross them. We’ve put in the time to learn the tools and techniques that professional retouchers use for those ultra high budget marketing campaigns. We’ve taken those tools and skills and brought them to the headshot market. Imagine having commercial level retouching for your headshot. Your competition doesn’t stand a chance.

Three Components To A Great Retouch

Skin Tone
Your skin tone is very important. You need to show a healthy, natural tone. Watch out for overly pale or jaundiced yellowed skin. Likewise, you don’t want to look like you just got back from Mexico either.
There’s always going to be flyaway hairs and creases on your jacket. That pimple that popped up just this morning, yeah, all those things need to be corrected.
What do we mean by re-building? How about a missing tooth. Or a droopy eye. All these things can be altered presenting you the best you can be. And doing it without it looking fake takes skill.

So What Does A Good Retouch Look Like